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09th May, 2016

Valves series “SK” are produced the size G1/8 in the following pneumatic functions: 3/2, 5/2, 5/3 and “3/2+3/2”. The electrical  version can mount two kinds of piloting solenoid valves: the 15 mm one (type “SK815”) or the 22 mm integrated one (type  "SK822”). Valves series “SK” can be used single or in manifold mounting, regardless the pneumatic functions: 5/3, 5/2 and 3/2, the last one using the adapter type “KIT/A/SK8”. The version “3/2+3/2” includes No. 2-3/2 valves in a single body, so with a very compact overall dimensions compared to the No. 2 valves it’s replacing in terms of pneumatic function, as well as compared to the pressure or open center versions. Upon request, they can be supplied in compliance with ATEX directive, category 3GD for electrical version with 15mm piloting solenoid valve and category 2GD for other versions.